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Why Here? Why Now?

Have you ever wondered why we are here?  As in, what is the purpose for us to be here, in this world, in this time, in this location. Why here? Why now? I have wondered this many times and am still wondering. I am not sure if I will ever truly know the answers to those questions.  Maybe we are not supposed to know them or maybe it is up to us to decide. Even still, maybe it is simply up to us to believe that some higher power has a plan and we just need to trust that we are moving in the general direction.  I have never been one to believe that our lives are predestined to go one direction or another, but rather it is up to us to choose the path for ourselves. In addition, we can change this path whenever we choose. I do not believe that we are “set in our ways.”  I, also, do not believe that how we were raised determines how we will be. The environment we were born into does play a role in our mannerisms and our behaviors, but we have the power to change those mannerisms and behaviors if we so choose. In my own life, there have been many traits/behaviors that were passed down from my family that I had to change.  What these were is for another episode.

The point is we do not have to remain in any state (behavior, mannerism, mental trap, addiction, etc.) that we deem broken or maladaptive.  We have a brain that is more powerful than we know. We can change whatever we like, or do not like, about ourselves. Will it be easy? Maybe…Maybe not.  Can it be changed? Most certainly!

Does any of this resonate with anyone?  Just me?

I think most of us wonder what our purpose in life is.  Some of us probably already know or believe to know and are pursuing that purpose.  Others already know or believe to know and are running from it. And there are probably still others that simply do not care.

The question that arises for me in all this is…what makes us ask these questions in the first place?  What makes us have the gut wrenching need to know what the reason is for us being here? I wish I knew the answer to that.  Is it spiritual or is it arrogance? Is our need to know derived from a spiritual connection to a higher power or is it simply our human brain believing we are special and deserve to have a “purpose?”  Or is this need to have a purpose simply humanistic? Is it because we have a brain that has the ability to reason and ask why? I have my own thoughts, but who am I to say it is one way or the other.

I am just a man who has been on the earth long enough to question.  What are your thoughts?

Jonathan Hart MA, LLPC, NCC

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