A small introduction

About Us

Our goal at Lighthouse Psychological Clinic is to help our clients gain the knowledge and power to shine their own light on the path that leads to recovery.  We truly believe that the answers that are needed are already inside of each of us.  We are here to help make clear what those answers are in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

How it all came to be…

Lighthouse Psychological Clinic

Lighthouse Psychological Clinic was founded by our owner and president Jonathan Hart.  From the moment he decided to pursue a career in psychology, he knew he wanted his own practice.  The building holds some nostalgia for Jon.  Formerly, it was the home of Meadowbrook Center for Learning Differences where Jon was a math tutor for many years.  When his friend and owner of the building offered him a space, he jumped on the opportunity and Lighthouse was born. 

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