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Our Uniqueness

DISCLAMER: This post will be biological/medical in nature. (i.e. medical terms for certain…stuff…will be used)

Do you realize how special and unique you are?  This thought came to me recently while attending a funeral for a young man who tragically ended his own life.  I was sitting in the church auditorium and, for whatever reason…be it my ADHD or devine inspiration, I began to think about the memories I have regarding my childhood.  I started to think back as far as I could to the point where my imagination took over.  I imagined what it was like to be an infant and be in my crib.  I imagined even further back to being in the hospital after I was born.  Further back, I imagined….sorry for being gross…what is was like to come out of the birth canal and see light for the first time.  My mind continued to journey back and I imagined being in the womb and then being separated into an egg and sperm.  Finally, my imagination ended being with multitudes of eggs and multitudes of sperm and it hit me.

Do you know that men release between 40 Million and 1.2 Billion sperm cells with every ejaculation?  1.2 BILLION!!! If that is not enough, men produce approximately 525 Billion sperm cells in their lifetime.  Do you know that woman have 1 Million eggs at birth?  In the womb, they have between 6 and 7 Million.  When they begin puberty, this number drops to approximately 300,000 and, over the course of their lives, they will ovulate between 300 and 400.  Are you beginning to see it?

Do you realize how rare you are????  In the case of your father, there was a 1 in 1.2 BILLION chance that you would be who you are today!!! In the case of your mother, there was a 1 in 7 Million chance that you would be you!!!  Let that sink in…

Now, I understand that I used to most extreme numbers, but still.  If I used the lower end of the statistic, it would still be amazing.

You are the only YOU on this earth.  No one else shares anything with you; not one physical, mental, or spiritual characteristic outside of being a human being.  That is AMAZING to me.  You have probably heard the expression that someone is “one in a million”.  The fact is you are one in a BILLION!!!!…..point 2…..or 207….if you add them together.

At Lighthouse, I strive to empower my clients and help them to overcome life’s hurdles.  I hope this empowers you today.  No one has ever, nor will ever be you!!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Feel free to leave a message, if you are so inclined.

God Bless!

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